Unprecedented 3-day access to Tom—your most important questions answered

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Andalucía, Spain. March 8, 9 and 10 2013.

Bootstrapping is a means of jump-starting consciousness development by building on your existing resources, addressing any negative limitations and initiating a self-sustaining process of evolution towards increasing YOUR Quality of Consciousness

Days 1–2—Application of MBT, how to become a more powerful you

Increasing Quality Of Consciousness and accessing higher functions, coping with everyday fears, why remove ego, why beliefs obstruct growth, how the intellect works, the value of right motivation and intent, why love and compassion are necessary for evolution and how to apply the answers to these questions to improve and optimize your life and increase your personal potential.

Day 3—Master Class in accessing and exploring the Non Physical

Orientation to Non Physical Matter Reality—NPMR, orientation to Virtual Realities followed by a 50-minute meditation—using TLC NeuroTechnology™—to facilitate access to the Non Physical with a group debrief by Tom Campbell.

This is the chance of a lifetime to get your questions about the big picture and consciousness exploration answered.

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